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I will never have to make my boys’ beds again

Hello and thank you for stopping by today! I hope you are all having a fantastic day so far.  I know I am, because I won’t ever have to worry about making my boys’ beds ever again!

So I’ve been putting off redecorating my boys room for quite sometime. I haven’t been able to find the perfect bedding for their room, especially for their old bunk bed.  It was a complete nightmare trying to tuck the sheets and comforter in place.  I’m sure you all can relate to me on this 😉

I never thought in a million years my boys, Gavin (7) and Christian (6) would make their own bed, especially without asking me for help. Guess again friends.  My dream has finally come true.  Not only do they make their own beds everyday, they actually enjoy it.  It’s pretty interesting to watch. My boys are so proud of themselves for being able to help with keeping their room clean. Considering it was such a big struggle for them before.



Guess what my solution is? Bedding designed by Beddy’s (Bed Ease). I came across Beddy’s zipper bedding on Instagram and immediately knew It would be a game changer. The all in one comforter acts as a fitted sheet so it’s actually wrapped around the mattress to keep it from shifting! Brilliant idea right?! I think so.  Then the top portion of the comforter is more like a high end cotton sleeping bag with zippers on each side.  The inside has a built in top sheet with a soft lining. The cozy soft lining reminds me of something you would swaddle a baby in. At first I was worried it would make my boys too hot but the material doesn’t smother. Now my boys can tuck themselves in and I will never have to worry about them kicking the comforter off at night, especially during the winter time.



My boys love to zip themselves up and play hide and seek. If you don’t believe me just look at their faces.

Gavin in his Beddy’s zipper bedding


Christian in his Beddy’s zipper bedding


Also this is a perfect solution to a messy room as well. I have had these Beddy’s zipper bedding for about 2 weeks now and I am in love so I had to blog about it. I know some of you are thinking “Wow! Genius idea!” If you have kids you can definitely relate. It’s tough enough worrying about making my bed everyday yet alone having to worry about making theirs. These Beddy’s are such a perfect solution! So Awesome!

The boys wanted to show you how easy it is to make their beds in the morning before school. Hey Gavin show us how easy it is to make your bed…


Now zip the other side bud!


Christian it’s your turn to show us how it’s done!



And it’s that easy folks! My boys love their new Beddy’s zipper bedding just as much as I love their clean room. If you haven’t seen the @beddysbed Instagram account please go check it out and give them a follow for more ideas. You can also find them at www.beddys.com  They have an amazing selection to pick from.

 As I mentioned on my Instagram post earlier this week, please stay tuned for another DIY tutorial on how I achieved this look by transforming my boys old bunk bed into two twin sized beds as seen in this picture. The best part is I did this on a budget. I hope you guys find my tips useful! Thank you again for always being so supportive. Xoxo-El