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DIY coffee station


Hello all, thank you for stopping by again. Today I wanted to share with you how to create your very own coffee bar station.  When we purchased this home over a year ago, I had a wall of just white cabinets in my nook room.  It was very functional considering all the extra storage space I had. However, it was plain and very boring to look at.  I’ve been dying to have my very own coffee station in the house (considering I’m a coffee addict) but I didn’t want to take up anymore space on my kitchen counter.  It dawned on me one day that  I  can take down a couple cabinet doors and create my very own coffee bar station. My husband was opposed to the idea at first.  I told him to trust me and that he would love it after!  The first obstacle I ran into was finding something that was pretty yet functional to hang my coffee mugs on.  I seriously went everywhere and searched high and low for something..just anything. I came across an aisle with curtain rods while browsing. I thought to myself “this would be perfect.”  Naturally I was drawn to the elegant crystal curtain rod and purchased it to be mounted underneath the cabinets. The pretty crystal and chrome rod that you see here in the picture is from Bed Bath and Beyond.  The only problem is how was I going to hang the mugs from the rod?  Then it dawned on me again, shower curtain hooks! Yes!  It worked! TADA!  A beautiful complete coffee station.  One trip to Homegoods and another trip to World Market and I was able to fill up this space and made it functional in one day. Best part, my husband loves it!