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Adding Glam To Christmas Decor

Happy Holidays friends! Welcome to “Adding Glam To Christmas Decor” Christmas Home Tour.  You might be coming from my friends Lacey and Kim’s blog Styled With Lace don’t you just love their homes?!?! So beautifully decorated for the Holidays with a lot of inspiration. Thank you so much for stopping by today and a special thank you to AnnieSelke for sponsoring our Christmas Home Tour this year. I’m super excited to be sharing my home with all of you. Please also don’t forget to visit all of my talented friends Homes as well, you will be in for a treat!

I am thrilled to be sharing some Christmas decorating tips with all of you, since I have two little boys, I also have some fun ideas you might like as well.  Christmas is definitely my favorite Holiday. I start to get anxious prior to Thanksgiving to pull down all the boxes of Christmas decor and start decorating. This entire season brings me so much joy. I hope you enjoy my Home tour as much as I enjoy decorating for this special season. Below you will find photos of both morning and evening shots along with links to sources, as well as wall colors.


Welcome to my Foyer, I wanted a Winter Wonderland feel this year.  A sleigh and reindeer come to mind when I think Winter Wonderland. I had my walls repainted in Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. I Love how it turned out. I’m thinking I might end up repainting my entire home in this color, I just need to convince the hubby :).  This light grey gives great contrast between the walls and dark wood floors.





Moving into my living room If you are currently following me on Instagram or SnapChat, most of you have already seen my 3 Christmas trees. Most would think that having 3 Christmas trees might be a little much, but I just can’t help myself 😉 I wanted to get tree #4 a silver tip for the bedroom…but was unsuccessful with convincing the hubby 😉  It really is nice to walk into different rooms of my home and all of my trees have their very own beautifully lit theme.  However, I do like to keep all my Christmas decoration throughout my home somewhat cohesive.  I normally use the Living Room as the starting point. I think it’s always a good idea to start with one room and go from there.  So whatever theme/color scheme I decide to go with for this room, will set the tone for the rest of my home.  You’ll notice…all of my trees are flocked and I use silver and a lot of rose gold through out.

KingofChristmas Tree



Wall Color:  Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Flocked Christmas Tree is from King of Christmas

Mercury Candle Holders

Uttermost Mirrored Coffee Table

Yass Area Rug

Standing Mirror

Gold Side Table

Off White Curtain Panel

Flocked Wreath 

Gold Pillow

Next..the Nook Room/Kitchen…First time ever, I decided to add a tree to this space.  It’s the room we spend the a lot of time in since our kitchen is open directly to my nook room.  Also this happens to be the only window in which you can see my Christmas tree from the streets. I originally wanted a Leg Lamp in front of the window like the movie ” A Christmas Story”. Lol.. but I’m glad I went with the Christmas Tree instead 😉








Wall Color: Conventry Gray by Benjamin Moore

Arcadia Dining Table

End Chair

Lydia Dining Chairs

Mercury Candle Holders

Crystal Chandelier 

Flocked Christmas Tree

“Good Morning” Mug

Jars and Lids

Anthropologie Mug

Christmas Ornaments

Metallic Nutcrackers

Moving on to my Family room…the space we spend the most time in….I can never have enough throw blankets in my home, especially during the winter season. These beauties below are from AnnieSelke. I absolutely love the comfort and quality of them.

Ornaments with our initials were placed over each stocking to make it more personable. I accessorized with garlands, nutcrackers, and Christmas lights. All of my wrapping papers and ribbons matched the color schemed of each tree.

I’m so in love with my new Fine Art Angel Painting, painted by one of my favorite contemporary Artists ChristineKrainock   “By your side” is the name of this beautiful Angel. Definitely a great item to put on your Christmas list this year 😉



I think I might have a slight obsession with Nutcrackers, I want them all!


Flocked Christmas Tree

Mercury Candle Holders

Uttermost Mirrored Coffee Table

Yass Area Rug

Standing Mirror

Gold Side Table

Off White Curtain Panel

Flocked Wreath 

Gold Pillow

One of my favorite things to do during the Holiday Season is host Dinner Gatherings.  I always believe in…Go BIG or go home 😉  Whether I have family, friends or my husband’s employees over..I want my guests to feel special and that we went the extra mile for them.  I think it’s also very important to pay attention to the little details while decorating.

I found this cute “Cocktails anyone?” mirrored sign from Homegoods, perfect for the occasion and inexpensive. I added festive straws to each wine glass and accessorized with mirrored trays, pretty candles and candle holders.


I feel that food and drinks can always be displayed beautifully as well.  I put together a hearty cheese platter and drink station. You can find a lot of specialty drinks at places like World Market, Trader Joes and Nuggets. They also have great selections of cheeses and cured meats as well.



I decided to add some “Glam to Christmas Decor” by adding Christmas lights to the center of the table and hung mercury ornaments from the chandelier. I absolutely loved how it turned out especially at night time when the Christmas lights twinkles beautifully. I really enjoyed hosting this dinner party but most importantly spending quality time with my good friends and family. The Holidays are meant to be spent that way…with our loved ones.  And like the song says “there’s no place like home for the holidays”


I haven’t had the chance this year yet to set up the “Santa Has Arrived” scene since it’s not Christmas yet 😉 Here’s some cute ideas I did last year and my boys absolutely loved it (trying to savor this memory, I’m going to be so sad the day my boys no longer believe in Santa Clause)  They really believed Santa had arrived at our home last year.  Cookies/Milk Foot prints and all… I used flour for the foot prints and actually bit into the cookies the night before 😉 I’m looking forward to repeating this again this year.



Santas footprints in flour


Thanks again for stopping by and touring my home!  I hope you gained some ideas for your home.  I love to inspire and be inspired by every single one of you.  I am so grateful for your continued support of me and my journey! Next I invite you to head on over to my uber talented and sweet friend Brynne painttheworldwhite I know you will fall in love with her home as much as I have, she definitely has impeccable taste! Have a wonderful Holiday Season my sweet friends! XoXo~ El

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~El Peterson