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Bre’s Sweet 16

Hey guys!  So most of you know my daughter Bre just turned 16, I still can’t believe I have a 16 year old that is driving!!! Yikes! This is when you say; “You look too young to be a mom of a 16 year old!” Yes, I had her at the age of 4! 😉 After weeks of contemplating of what I should do for her very special day, I finally came up with a party theme.  Bre wanted to invite a lot of her closest friends, so budget wise going out to dinner was out of the question 😉  She requested a very casual and low key Birthday party (which was a shocker)!  So I figured we can have an outdoor movie night for a few of her closest friends (Which ended up being more than 25 kids, I guess that’s what happens when you have a daughter in cheer, they invite the whole clan including the football players).  Below are several different pictures from Bre’s sweet 16 and ideas of how to decorate and host your very own special event at home, whether it’s a Sweet 16, Bridal Shower or Baby Shower. They pretty much have the same concept and I’m hoping I will inspire you to want to host your very own party someday!  Please tag me on Instagram. I would love to see pictures and I might even re-post it.


Pom poms are usually my go to versus balloons.  I love the look of them and they are not hard to make (I had my sister help me of course). It’s affordable and just gives this room the perfect touch.  There are several tutorials on You Tube that show you how to make them.  Plus you can pick and choose different colors, which is my favorite part.


Aren’t those paper flowers absolutely gorgeous?!?!  Seriously, they are made from card stock papers and it fits perfectly with the theme.  I can see myself reusing them for either a baby shower or bridal shower.  I just love them that much.


If you know me, you know how much I love decorating with fresh flowers.  I bought 4 dozen beautiful pink roses from Costco.  They were only $15.99 for 2 dozens, you seriously can’t go wrong.  I displayed them on the food and drink stations and the entry way.  Fresh blooms are a must when hosting any event in my opinion! Most of the decorations were either made out of tissue paper or card stock paper so the fresh flowers give a more lively feel.  The best part is, you can reuse the flowers and decorate your entire home once the party is over!


Up close pics of the pom poms.  I mixed up blush, teal, silver and white. The perfect combination.


The “Drinks” station sign.  Gotta love the details.


Up close pics of the paper flowers.  Aren’t they just stunning?!?!  I think they were my favorite decor pieces.


I displayed recent pictures of Bre and her friends by using a fishing line and clothes pins to hang them.  It was a cute way to display photos from the past school year for all her friends to remember the great times they had. She loved it.


Close up pics of the dessert table.  My daughter loves donuts so I purchased 2 dozen and had them special ordered to make sure they were in  pink and white (My OCD was kicking in, my dessert had to match the rest of the theme). We baked cute pink cupcakes for her as well and ordered a divine chocolate cake to display on a fancy cake tray (cake was in the fridge during photo). See those cute Birthday hats?  I found them at Target and I love how they were sparkly and gold, they were adorable.

Outdoor Movie night , Backyard summer movie

Ok, so this was our outdoor movie set up.  Isn’t it darling?!?!  We used our backyard to accommodate over 25 teenagers.  Anyone can do this, plus I had a piece of mind knowing the kids were not destroying the inside of my home and my white furniture 😉 I was only able to snap the before picture before all of Bre’s friends arrived.  I decided to use white sheets and about 40 different throw pillows to give a very comfy feel. Doesn’t it look so cozy!  We hung lights from our trees to our roof top.  I absolutely loved how it turned out, plus I added pink pom poms to keep the party theme consistent outside.  We used a white tarp as a movie screen and of course our movie projector all programmed and ready to go. Make sure to turn off all lights in the background when you’re playing the movie on a tarp screen.  We added surround sound in between the trees, to give it more of a movie theater feel.  We popped A LOT of popcorn and had the drink station set up outside, so the kids did not have to go in and out for drinks.  And let’s just say…Bre’s low key 16th Birthday Party was a huge hit!  Thank goodness!  All of my hard work in preparing for this party really paid off, because my daughter and all 25+ of her friends had a great time.


Here is a picture of my sweet 16 year old daughter.  Happy Birthday Bre Bre!


Thank you for stopping by today!  Have a fabulous day!

Xoxo ~El